Why are Wireless Home Security Systems so Popular?

Why are Wireless Home Security Systems so Popular?

If you’ve been thinking about installing home security systems or upgrading your existing one, then it would be no surprise if you’ve been hearing about how you should buy a wireless system, rather than install a more traditional wired network system. There are many reasons for this, aside from the fact that the state of technology and consumer product culture is moving towards online-capable products and applications.

Here are some of the reasons why wireless home security systems are becoming so popular:

Expanded Control

One big reason why wireless security systems are getting so much attention is that the potential for fine-tuning the features and settings are entirely up to the user, be the user a private home owner, or a corporate entity (in the case of offices and work spaces). This means that you can set device sensitivities, take over, deactivate, or reactivate various components of the security network. Even better, you can do it all from your mobile device or your laptop. The difference is subtle, but it is also very clear: In the past, you installed security systems to make sure that you were secure. However, if you install wireless home security systems, you ensure that you not only have a security system, you will also have control of what the parameters of your security system are.

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Installation Ease

One of the big reasons why consumer computer products in general are going wireless is that people hate the chaos of having so many wires going to and from devices. This makes configuration and installation for security devices even easier, as you won’t need to lay in wiring for the system. All you need to do is position the devices the way you want them to be, and make sure they are in range of each other and the central network system. And if you want to move some components to different places, then it should be no problem, as long as the new positions allow them to stay within communication distance of the network itself.


Older wired security systems were grounded by the very nature of having wires. You had the landline connection, the device wiring, and perhaps even the desktop PC all connected to each other. This made the network, at best, a hassle to reconfigure physically. However, with wireless networks, all you need is the central unit, a laptop, or mobile device with you, and the wireless security components themselves. You could literally take down the whole security system and then relocate it to a new house or office, with little or no reconfiguration necessary. All you’d have to make sure of is that the all the home security system components should be within the wireless network range of the main wireless unit

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Easy Programming Upgrades

With the expanded control settings and the wireless online access that mobile devices and laptops can give, you can keep on upgrading the software for the network, so that you will have a longer usable lifetime for the network, rather than replacing them frequently once components reach the end of their design life.

If you’re looking for an excellent security investment, do check out home security systems.