LED Bulbs – Providing Greener Lighting Systems

LED Bulbs - Providing Greener Lighting Systems

Are you planning to make renovations in your home? If so, then you probably are thinking of replacing your old light bulbs with new ones. If your existing lights are made of incandescent or fluorescent ones, you may want to consider getting LED bulbs. These lighting devices offer a significant number of benefits, with one of the most special being that they are more environmentally friendly. This is true for almost all LED lighting systems including the MR11, GX53, G4, GU5.3, G9, and GU10 LED bulbs.

If you are wondering why and how LED lighting technology is a much greener approach, read on.

LED Lighting – Incredible Energy Efficiency

One thing about Light Emitting Diode bulbs that make them a whole lot better than their traditional cousins (fluorescent and incandescent) is the fact that they are more energy efficient. They can emit and produce the same amount of brightness and light for considerably less wattage.

Let us give you an example to make things clearer for you.

A single incandescent light bulb that draws 60 watts can consume up to 525 kWh annually. If you replace this with one of the top notch GU10 LED bulbs out there, this electricity consumption can be reduced to just 65 kWh every year. That is 460 kWh less per year.

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So let’s say you have 10 60-watt incandescent light bulbs that you use regularly. This means that you are using up to 5,250 kWh of electricity each year, just for these lighting systems. If you take them out and install LED bulbs, their annual electricity consumption will just be around 650 kWh. That’s 4,600 less kWh every year.

In addition to drawing up fewer watts, which results in lower electricity usage, these LED light bulbs also produce less CO2. If you do the math, you will be shocked to see just how significant the decrease in your CO2 production will be if you just use LED products.

LED Lights – Impressive Long Span of Life

Are you aware of the fact that high quality MR11, GX53, G4, GU5.3, G9, and GU10 LED bulbs can live up to a decade or even longer? That’s right. And when you compare it with the regular life span of fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs, which you, by the way, would have to replace every two months or so, you would already see the appeal that LEDs have. You just have to make sure that the LED bulbs you will be investing money on are from a reliable source like and rely on.

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So this brings us to the question: is it really a good idea to spend quite some money on LED light bulbs when you can easily purchase incandescent or fluorescent bulbs for much less? The answer is yes. While you would be faced with high upfront costs, you should take into consideration the long-term benefits and savings that you can get from LED lighting systems.

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