Rabbit Food and Sweet Treats Reviews

Rabbit Food and Sweet Treats Reviews

You can feed your rabbit a healthy diet from their available variety of foods and sweet treats. Among their favourite foods include good grass, fresh greens, fruits, and vegetables. They love it when the food is fresh and healthy. Pets store pellets are convenient for many people but feeding your bunny with processed foods is not so healthy. They do not contain enough nutrients for your rabbit. They are not easily digestible because they are made from different kinds of additives and fillers. They also contain a lot of sugar. This does not mean you can’t feed your rabbit on pellets, they can be a part of their diet but in small portions.

For your rabbits good healthy, the grass is a crucial diet for it. The food is not only well edible, but it also prevents digestive and kidney problems. Hay is available in different types for the better health of your rabbit. You can decide on the type of grass to feed your bunny depending on their age or weight. It is good to ensure you always have grass in store for the bunny better digestion system. For sweet treats you can occasionally feed your rabbit with fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you feed your small rabbit portions of the sweet treats because they are high in sugar.

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Radishes, bell peppers, pumpkin, leafy greens are some of the vegetables that your bunny can love. Bananas, mangoes, apples, melons, kiwis, and dried pineapples are some of the safe fruits you can give to bunny for sweet treats. These fruits should be a complement to the other rabbit’s diet because of the high sugar levels. When fed in moderation a carrots cake is an excellent sweet treat to your bunny. The rabbit’s food should be made specifically for their sensitive stomachs. This will ensure that they don’t get digestive problems, gastrointestinal issues or kidney stones.

One thing worth noting is that yogurt drops can lead to your rabbit having these issues. Others that can cause stomach issues especially if they have high sugars are pasta, bread, and other kinds of carbs. You should also avoid feeding your rabbit with avocados and chocolates because they are dangerous. Broccoli and cauliflower are not good vegetables for your bunny’s stomach because they produce gas. With these feeding tips you can be able to rear healthy rabbits. Just like humans rabbits also deserve healthy and nutritious food. Do not ignore the sweet treats because they can offer a comfortable experience to your rabbit.