Being a teenager, almost everyone has some acne sometimes it even lasts until our adulthood. The good news is even for severe acne that has lasted for as long as after your high school there are still treatments.


Acne can be triggered by the changes in hormone level for most people. Oils are created by this hormones and this leads to clogged pores which aid the growth of bacteria. Both these problems cause breakouts.

At times acne can be hereditary i.e. Men whose fathers had issues of acne have the tendency of having it too. In some cases, treatment for illness causes acne. Treatments, such as corticosteroids (prednisone) and lithium a treatment for bipolar disorder.

Breakout in men

It is common for men to have acne either on the face or back

Severe acne on the back often occur after exercising in hot weather i.e. sweating makes acne worse.

Controlling this kind of acne is harder than that on the face. But only a few people see your back.

Shaving mistakes can also be the cause of acne in some men


Skin cleanliness should be your first step to take care your acne. Cleansers are available. Generally, products with beads in them should be avoided because they can irritate our skin. Wash your face two times a day.

Your Face

Make use of gentle fresh wash clothes on your skin.

Making use of clean razor every time you shave is advisable. Also, you can make use of some product with benzoyl peroxide, retinol, or salicylic acid. To help prevent breakouts, doctor’s prescription of antibiotic foam which you can mix with the cream you use for shaving. Should the problem you’re having be shaving bumps, an electric razor is advisable, and don’t shave too closely.

Your Back

When bathing, you should make use of a lengthy brush that can wash your back. Also, a brush with changeable brush head system is also an Ideal thing to use.

One treatment you don’t need a prescription for is Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products these products can also help in controlling the acne on your back. They can be drying so it is advisable to go easy on them.

The best thing to have close to your skin is a white, cotton tee-shirt.

Hard to get-rid-off-acne

It’s been 4-8 months and all you’ve attempted is an at-home-treatment and the skin break out still won’t leave, you should take the following choice which is heading off to the dermatologist.

At your arrangement, your dermatologist will check your skin and suggest a treatment design. You may require a solution for anti-infection agents, medicine quality benzoyl peroxide or salicylic corrosive, or a sort of medication called retinoids.

Your dermatologist may endorse a medication called isotretinoin that is if your skin break out is serious. These medications must be dodged by ladies who intend to get pregnant in light of the fact that it can cause birth deserts. With respect to men, there is no requirement for additional safety measure to when taking it since it doesn’t prevent them from getting their accomplice pregnant.

Different alternatives can likewise be connected these are cutting edge choices. One of these innovative alternatives is laser skin treatment, another of this tech choice is light treatment joined with vacuum treatment. These methods are costly and your protection may not cover them, you have to check first.

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