Acne is really bad. Among the 40 to 50 million Americans that have an issue of acne according to the American Academy of Dermatology, if you are one of them then you know how much it sucks to have acne.

What then is the major cause of this skin ruiner? Majorly, it is caused by the overproduction of oil. The clogged pore is caused as a result of the inability of the aforementioned oil to leave the pore due to blocked hair follicles. As well as the bacteria called p.acnes this stays inside the hair follicles.

Notwithstanding, in line with this factors, there is a thing which you do on a daily basis that can cause acne or even increase the already annoying ones you might be dealing with,

Below are some of the acne triggers which you should take note of in order to have a blemish-free skin!

1. You're overdoing on spot treatments. Using topical salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur over-the-counter treatments a lot can cause your skin to dry out, which cause the production of more oil and at the same time blemishes. It also makes the appearance of pimples worse. Because with this the top layer of the skin gets burnt which makes the pimples redder and harder to hide.

What you can do any other way: Instead of dousing your zit with a spot treatment, apply a dab of OTC 1 percent hydrocortisone cream and then conceal it with a concealer that has anti-bacterial ingredient.

2. You are having too much stress: Stress increase acne and vice versa. So your skin tends to produce stress hormones whenever you are under pressure. One of these hormones includes cortisol which stimulates oil glands and aid oil production.

What you can do any other way: take time off your busy schedule to have regular work out, meditate and take some for yourself. With these things, stress is reduced to its minimum so these hormones that cause harm to your skin are not released.

3. your hair product are ruining your skin: Your shampoo, conditioner, and styler consist of sulfates, moisturizing agents, and silicones that can get into your pores and these results in chest acne, pesky pimple and back acne along your hairline.

What you can do any other way: when conditioning and washing your hair in the shower it is advisable to tilt your head sideways and keep the product away from your face and be sure to wash the remnant off your chest, face and back. And be sure to do a thorough wash on your face should there be a remnant of them and this could cause a break out later.

4. You're scrubbing your skin too hard: It’s almost like a tradition or general thought that the more you scrub your skin the more you get rid of the acne on your face. But the problem only gets worse. The real deal happens when you scrub your face. You scrub the active acne over your face and the bacteria spread across the skin and the condition gets worst.

What you can do any other way: wash your face gently, and moisturize them in an effective system with the cleanser that contains pore-clearing ingredients. That way, scrubbing can be kept to its minimum.

5. You're eating spicy foods: Chemicals like acidic lycopene are all in spicy foods like pepper and tomatoes and this triggers breakouts in the skin. But skin is not only irritated by spicy foods because of some people aversion to another type of foods. Your skin reaction depends on your personal makeup.

What you can do any other way: just stay off spicy foods for some time and take note of your skin. If you notice blemishes in a rash-like pattern around your mouth then that is definitely the cause of your problem.

6. You're using the wrong detergent: The kind of laundry detergents you use can also affect your skin be it on your clothes, pillow etc. your skin might react to the particles left on the fabric and might cause breakout all over your body.

What you can do any other way: Choose a detergent that has been tested by a dermatologist for sensitive skin mostly those that are dye-free.

7. You smoke: The amount of oxygen that gets to your face decreases once you light up a cigarette. This does not only cause cancer but also cause wrinkles and increase the size of the pore and at the same time dries the skin out thereby triggering your skin to produce oil and increase breakout.

What you can do any other way: abstain from smoking. Just that, you have a longer lifespan and have a clear skin.

8. You're using products that contain pore-clogging ingredients: Mineral oil is a super-substantial moisturizing agent found in a few moisturizers, but on the other hand, it's known to obstruct your pores and break you out. Silicones in healthy skin and beauty care products are adding another ingredient to look out for that can clog your pores.

What you can do any other way: Ensure all the healthy skin items you're utilizing are named "noncomedogenic," which implies your cosmetics or healthy skin has been particularly figured not to stop up your pores. All things considered, regardless of whether the item is "noncomedogenic," in case you're utilizing it consistently and your breakouts keep on getting more regrettable, make a meeting with your dermatologist, as you could be sensitive to another ingredient in the item that is causing your issues.

9. You're a make-out bandit and your boyfriend has a beard: Of course, a few fellows look hot on beards or even a five o'clock shadow, yet your BF's facial hair isn't helping your beautiful face with regards to breakouts. So what gives? All things considered, as you and your guy hook up, your smooth face rubs against his hairy one, creating friction, which causes his prickly hair invigorate oil creation all over, causing flaws and even beard burns.

What you can do any other way: Compassionately request that he shave his beards for the sake of perfect skin. Or on the other hand beseech him to condition his facial hair with coconut oil, so it doesn't feel like small swords stabbing your face each time you kiss and abandon you with skin break out.

10. You're not washing your face/body after you work out: skipping the shower directly in the wake of working out or not washing your face, in any event, permits the cosmetics, dirt, bacteria, and oil that was on your skin blend with sweat — all of which will locate a decent home in your pores, sinking into your warm skin and making breakouts mix.

What you can do any other way: Wipe your back, chest, and face before you work out with facial wipes, to get rid of your cosmetics. At that point, should there be a chance that you don't have sufficient energy

to shower quickly after you work out, utilize another new facial wipe to clean up any sweat and bacteria to reduce the chance of pimples to its minimum?

11. You're wearing a lot of hats or constantly touching your face: Anything which will lure sweat and bacteria against your skin and clog your pores, just like the lining of a good hat, will cause zits to surface.

Also, touching your face or resting your chin in your hand whereas you are sitting at your table will transfer bacteria from your hand onto your face and brew blemishes.

What you can do any other way: Indeed, caps are trendy, yet switch up your style and abandon wearing one for a bit to check whether that is the main issue behind your pimples. Likewise, keep your hands from your face. Truly, it's super simple to do.

12. You can't stop picking at your pimples: It's enticing at the time, however, it's never a smart thought to play dermatologist, since it's difficult to pick your own pimple and not make a red stamp that could transform into a scar. Surprisingly more terrible, when you attempt to press the fitting or oil or puss out of your pore, you risk pushing the bacteria deeper or spreading it around underneath your skin, increasing your pimples.

What you can do any other way: Test yourself not to pick or even touch your face, since you can transfer bacteria onto your skin that way. Not touching your face is helpful for your composition and enabling your zits to mend without anyone else leaves your skin scar-free.

13. You're still a sun-worshipper: You're presumably already aware that lying out in the sun and going to tanning beds cause skin tumor, however in the event that that still hasn't prevented you from hitting the beach without sunscreen or the best possible defensive gear (otherwise known as that chic sun cap), maybe this will. In opposition to prevalent thinking, the sun isn't healing your skin break out, it's really worsening it. What happens is, as your face gets red from the sun, it makes any breakouts you may as of now have mixed in, making the presence of clearer skin. Be that as it may, what's extremely going on is the sun making your skin dry out and activating more oil production, which can prompt more zits.

What you can do any other way: First of all, quit going to tanning beds. Also, by any chance you are in the sun, be sure to slather on a titanium dioxide-or zinc-based sunscreen (these are normal sun protectants and their formulations which contains fewer chemicals, so they won’t surface easily), and wear a sun cap or baseball hat to shield your face from sun rays.

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