Specifics of Male Acne

Androgens (Male hormones) after puberty are 10 times higher in the masculine gender than the feminine gender. Owing to this change or increase in male, the male skin tends to become thicker i.e. about 25-30% thicker than that of the female. More than twice of the skin oil (sebum) is being produced by the male skin and this has led to the increase of acne in the male. In the course of this discussion, we will be looking at more considerations when it has to do with acne in the male.


There is an increase in male hormone (androgen) when the calories in male and sometimes in female increases. When people start to gain or add weight there is every tendency that they notice a flare-up in the acne on their skin. It is harder to stay clear of acne if you are increasing your calories. Most people believe that the acne on their skin is caused by their bodybuilding supplement or the protein powder. Instead what increases the rate of acne on their skin is the increase in calories. Pay close attention to your treatments for acne while you put on that weight.

Acne on neck and body

Severe cases of acne on the chest, back, back of the neck are mostly experienced by the male.

Protection against sun

It’s not new that the females are in general more sun savvy than the males. Unprotected sun exposure for as low as 10-20 mins or 20-30 mins in light skinned and dark skinned people respectively can actually increase the rate of acne. Having sunburn damages the skin and can add more damage to the skin by increasing acne just in two weeks following the exposure

Anabolic Steroids

It is a difficult task to treat acne and at the same time taking anabolic steroids in order to increase your muscles this is because the steroids actually contribute to the increase of acne on the body. This anabolic steroid takes acne to a more severe level called fast-onset and at this level, acne is very difficult to treat.


Doing our shaving wrongly i.e. shaving with the wrong razor or shaving gel can cause irritations which aid the increase of acne.

Adult Male Acne

At long last, some uplifting news. Men encounter about half as much grown-up skin acne as ladies. While acne in the male has a tendency to be more serious amid puberty stage, it ordinarily dies down in early adulthood. This isn’t generally the case, be that as it may, and around 25% of adult male encounter acne at some point. Both the adult male acne and the pubescent male acne undergo the same treatment process.


One thing that aggravates acne is Physical irritation of the skin. Anything that comes in prolongs contact with the skin, scratches it or rubs it can increase the acne on the skin. The combination of sweat and physical irritation is something we don’t want to try because it flares up the acne. The facemask supported by the fact that men sweat twice as much as women. On the average, facemasks are worn mostly by men than women. It’s a fact that the more face mask you wear the more the risk of acne in the area where the facemask meets your skin.

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